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Habits are hard to break, but some really need to be broken — especially when it comes to your candles! Never, ever blow out a candle! Apart from being potentially dangerous, it shortens the life of your candles. Check how our functional tools can help extend the life of your candles below.

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always trim the wick to 0.5cm before burning any candles. An untrimmed wick will cause excess smoke and lead to your candle burning up much faster than necessary. (what a waste of money!)

always trim the wick to 0.5cm before burning your candles.
a long wick causes excess smoke and leads to your candle burning up much faster than necessary — what a waste of money!

the perfect accessory for extinguishing the candle flame cleanly and elegantly.
snuff out the flame and preserve the burning quality of your candles over time.

thoughtfully crafted to be a 2-in-1 dipping tool:

  1. dipping the wick into the pool reduces the smoke produced (and the strong burnt aroma) when the candle is extinguished + straighten the wick afterwards prolongs its service life;
  2. dipping it into the liquid wax pool after the candle is extinguished saves your waiting time for your everyday self-care hand massage rituals with Bamboo Massage Candles™.  

    one of a kind, natural bamboo dippers will vary slightly

     < click here for full candle care tips >

    always take care of yourself like you do for your candles


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