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· 100% pure essential oils + organic virgin jojoba oil + natural soy wax ·

| made in Hong Kong with love & care |

natural  ·  hand-crafted  ·  healing

enid.scents, meaning scents of life/spirits in old Welsh, started with the belief that breath is a powerful bridge between body and mind; soul and nature; self and other. Our uniquely hand-crafted creations are all-natural and infused with the healing power from nature.

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about enid.scents

enid.scents is a homegrown eco- and wellbeing-conscious aromatherapy brand that possesses the passion in “sharing the scents of life, reconnecting the spirits through breaths”.

At enid.scents, “enid” stands for empower n inspire dreamers”. We do not only create scents, but also actively promote a more conscious lifestyle by delivering self-love messages to everyone’s heart through our empowerment themes that inspires living a more fulfilled life of your dreams with peace, energy and compassion while inhaling your favourite scents of nature.

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