(iii). listen to your inner voice

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💭What are your dreams in life – the inspiring pictures of your future?

Dreams energise our wills and propel us forward. Yet, at times we are discouraged to dream while conforming to social norms – familial and cultural expectations are met but our true colours fade. Our dreams can feel so slim and be put on hold because of the noise made up of our fears and pre-conceived values. But what if, rather than giving up on our dreams, we give up on our resistance to them, one brick at a time🧱? Focus our energy on cutting out the noise – allow our mind to think and our heart to feel freely; allow our inner voice speak to us 🎧

Listen to the inner dialogue between your mind and your heart, collect the spontaneous but grounded thoughts and possess the sense of meaning in life. When your soul is guided from within, your life flows in alignment with your mind and your heart. You are a unique spirit with immense potential. Trust what you discover, go with your inner voice, believe in your true self, and let your true colours🌈shine through.

Your dreams are never too silly, too big or too small, and never unachievable. Reserve a spot for them in your mind and your heart. You always have the strength to take a step in any direction you wish. How? You already have all the answers, just cut out the noise so you can listen to your inner voice. You’ve got this! 🙌🏽🔥



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